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Posted on 10 April 2010 | No responses

It is our vision at IforAM to build a community of researchers and innovators interested in exploring the unmapped frontier of cognitive computing.  We are dedicated to creating empirical studies of novel analog/digital hybrid systems, which can move us beyond a very focused conception of computation, currently limited to purely digital strategies.  In so doing, we further intend to explore cognition and mind, since such systems exemplify powerful use of computational strategies that transcend current technologies.  Our research and development will integrate the strengths of biological and digital types of information processing to augment the evolution of our inherited minds.

Our mission is to build and empirically test this disruptive technology.  This hybrid technology will be usefully applied across numerous industries and services including advanced robotics, prosthetics, BCIs, “Big Data” processing and visualization, self-updating Virtual Worlds, AIs, etc.  It will not replace existing techniques; it will augment the existing infrastructure.

Please visit our R&D site for development details. Below is our introductory video. The Research page has more videos and documentation regarding our novel technology SOARSE(tm).

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